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Send Us Your Sermon / Story

Welcome to Not Your Pastor’s Pulpit where we give you a chance to share Jesus through your own personal narrative. With a few simple guidelines our pulpit is open for all. Regardless of your age, gender, orientation, race, or upbringing, we want to hear your “sermon” about Jesus. How has Jesus impacted you? What is it about Jesus that sets him apart? The pulpit is yours. Our hope is that through a common language of Jesus we can begin to tear down the walls that divide so many Christians today.

Guidelines for your sermon

  • Keep it short
    • Shoot for 5-10 minutes (max)
  • Keep it Jesus
    • Please don’t push a personal agenda, this isn’t the spot for “the Roman’s Road” or proof texting a theology. Listeners will be able to learn more about you and your cause(s) in a short bio included with your sermon.
  • Love others
    • Jesus accepted everyone, please keep that in mind or your sermon will be rejected.

Submission of your sermon

You’ll need to record your sermon, and edit it as you deem necessary. Alex and Jason will adjust volume levels, but won’t edit content. Language will not be filtered, but sermons with strong language will be marked explicit. Please submit your sermon in .mp3 or .m4a format to notyourpastorspodcast@gmail.com (25MB max). In that same e-mail, please include a short bio, including your name, website, twitter handle (if you want to be reached), or any other information you’d like to provide. If you wish to remain anonymous that is completely fine as well!

Tips for preparing your sermon

We champion story telling. Story telling has a profound way of impacting people. Jesus looks a lot different in the inner city of Flint MI than he does even 15 minutes outside of the city. You may think your own perspective is narrow, but it could prove extremely beneficial to someone living in a different context.

When using the bible, we find the best approach to interpreting scripture is to try and discern what the original author of the letter/book wanted to convey to the original audience. Once you have a grasp on that, try and apply that same message to your current context.

Outside of the bible, Alex and Jason are hesitant to recommend any additional resources because we don’t want to alter your sermon to our way of thinking. We want to learn from you as well!

Thanks for being a part of our podcast and sharing Jesus!


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